Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bosteels - Pauvel Kwak

I am somewhat new to drinking Belgian beers, I was introduced to them by a friend in early February of 2010. I have probably tasted about ten different Belgian beers over this year and the flavor of each one differs drastically. As I haven't had much experience with Belgian beers, I am not going to rate this beer on a "star scale"... So here is my review of this beer, it is not one of my favorites, but it is still very good (all-be-it expensive).

This Pauvel Kwak is dark and has flavors of citrus and vanilla. Pauvel Kwak is not listed as a "dubble", but it has all the characteristics of a dubble. The head on this beer doesn't last as long as some of the triple's I have had, but it does last as long as most of the dubbles I have had. Pauvel Kwak has mild flavors of hops, but the taste does not linger. This beer is somewhat sweater than most dubbles I have tried, so if you enjoy a beer after (or during) dessert, than this might be one to try. I purchased a 75 cl. bottle of Pauvel Kwak at the Lake Merritt Whole Foods for just over $10, this bottle comes with a cork, so you can cork the bottle and get multiple glasses out of this bottle, but it doesn't last to long, so keep it corked in the fridge and drink it quickly. As I become more familiar with Belgian beers I will update this posting with a star rating... my estimated rating is 2.5/5 stars, lets see how close I get. :D

I am thinking about making this a weekly update, so stay tuned and I should have another Belgian Beer review for you next Sunday.

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  1. From what I understand, you really need to drink it from the special Kwak glass -