Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rochefort 10

Well, this week has gone by so quickly that it seems like just yesterday I was writing another Belgian Beer Sundays review. Today's Belgian Beer of choice is another Trappist beer, Rochefort 10, the most alcoholic of the Rochefort beers. They offer a 6,8, and 10, the alcohol by volume measurements are 7.5%, 9.2%, and 11.3%. Each grade is slightly darker than the last, 10 being the darkest of them all. Let me give you guys some details about the Rochefort Brewery:

Founded in 1595 in Rochefort Belgium, produces about 18,000 hl's of beer per year. Here is a link to the official website of the Abbey:

Here is a picture of the official glass of the Abbey.

Now for the review:

This Belgian Beer was picked up at my local Whole Foods, for $5.45 for a 12oz bottle. This beer pours very well, but the head didn't last but one to two minutes. This beer has a very potent smell, with a pronounced alcoholic smell that lingers for quite a while. This beer has a wonderful flavor that starts off with the flavor or nuts and fruit. The reviews I read for this beer said that they tasted figs in this beer, but in my opinion its flavor is much more smokey than fruit. As with most Belgian Beers there is a very distinct alcoholic flavor at the end, that sticks around for quite-a-while. I will give this 4/5 stars, this is by far the best Trappist Belgian Beer I have had, but it is not the best Belgian Beer I have had, so it doesn't warrant a whole five stars. I had the Rochefort 8 at the Trappist (A nice Belgian Bar in Oakland CA), it wasn't nearly as good as this one. I wish that they sold this in 750ml, I would purchase this beer more often if it came in a larger bottle.

Well, have a good long weekend as tomorrow is Presidents Day and most of us have the day off. Maybe you can take this chance to get to the bar and have a beer.

See you at the bar!

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