Sunday, February 6, 2011

La Chouffe - Mc Chouffe

La Chouffe is a Belgian-style ale brewing company was opened in 1970 by two brother in-laws, on a very small budget (roughly 5,000 Euros). The first batch of commercially available La Chouffe was created in August of 1982 and was about 49 liters in size.

Mc Chouffe is an un-filtered dark ale that is re-fermented in both the bottle and the Keg. This beer is very dark (as you can tell from the image), but has a very subtle flavor. I give this beer 3/5 stars (as I usually prefer lighter belgian beers). This beer has subtle flavors of fruit and a distinct alcohol flavor toward the end. I would think this would be a good after diner beer, as it is sweet and full of fruit flavor.

This beer I received from a friend, whom I helped with her car, but you can find it at Whole Foods for just about $10.

See you at the bar!

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