Sunday, February 27, 2011

Affligem Tripel

This week I have yet another Trappist Beer from Belgium, called Affligem. I am getting closer and closer to finishing off the list of Trappist Beers, I only have a couple left and then I will have to resort to drinking Belgian-Style ales or other types of beer... I think that if I get to the point where I am only left with cheap American Beers and Mexican Beers, I will just start over! This Trappist has a very nice (Flash driven) website, check it out at:
I decided to go with their Tripel, I prefer most Tripels to most Dubbel. The dubbels are usually darker (which I do like), but also usually less flavorful (which I definitely do not like). Unfortunately at the moment the "Jobs" section of the abbey's website is empty, but I will be checking periodically to see if they have a Q&A opening. :D

Now for the review... This beer is a little darker then most Belgian Tripels, and poured very nicely. The head of the beer unfortunately didn't last very long (about 3 minutes), but the color was a nice beautiful white. This beer has a wonderful citrus smell and the first sip threw me off guard, the combination of citrus and the normal Belgian alcoholic flavor, makes this a wonderful sweet beer. I am giving this 4/5 stars, I will have to try this side by side with Tripel Karmeliet, this is definitely a contender for the best tasting tripel of all time. Unfortunately the last time I had the Tripel Karmeliet from the Trappist down the street, I was not as impressed as I usually am... but to defend the leader, it might have been a bad keg or dirty lines that made the beer taste less flavorful and sweet. I got this guy at a definite bargain, I paid $8.45 at the local Whole Foods (Which makes it the cheapest by volume Trappist Beer I have purchased from them) for a 750ml bottle.

See you at the bar! :D


  1. Hi Jon,

    Love your reviews. Affligem is a great beer but not a trappist beer. There are only 7 of them (

    Cheers and keep up the good work,


  2. I looked over the list of Trappists and you are completely right, Affligem is not a belgian trappist beer. I think I was fooled by the "Abbey" comment on the bottle. Its funny, just a few weeks ago I listed the Belgian Trappists in one of my post. ;p