Sunday, March 6, 2011

Achel - Extra

Hello Everyone,

Again its Belgian Beer Sunday, today I have another trappist beer "Achel". The Whole Foods only had the "Extra" and the "Blonde". so I went with the extra (as I usually need more flavor than a blonde). I purchased this 750ml bottle of beer for $15.49 (which I think is much more expensive than you should have to pay for one beer).

This beer is very dark, the darkest trappist beer I have seen by far. It poured very heavily and unfortunately the head didn't last one minute. This beer has a hint of cinnamon in the smell of it, but its flavor is dark and very alcoholic. I am giving this beer 2/5 stars, it's flavor is not very appealing. Many different types of flavor hit you all at once, right after you take your first sip. Then you are bombarded by a very alcoholic flavor that lingers until your next sip. As this beer is the most expensive beer I have ever purchased and I actually dry heaved a little after my first sip, I would not recommend purchasing this beer, unless you have tried everything else and this guy is on sale. One more trappist beer to go, I bet it will be much better than this guy.

See you at the bar!

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