Sunday, March 13, 2011

St Bernardus ABT 12

Unfortunately I have been ill for the last few days and I am completely clogged up with mucus. I am still doing a review, despite the fact the death is knocking on my door. However, I don't believe it is fair to the beer that I would rate while in this condition -- so I am doing a mock review today. I unfortunately will have to try the same beer again at a later date to see if today's results are accurate or were affected by my condition.

For today's beer I have a NON Trappist Abbey Belgian beer called St Bernardus ABT 12. I paid just under $9 at my local Whole Foods for this beer in a 750ml bottle. This bottle poured very smoothly and produced a nice white head, that lasted about 2 minutes. This beer is dark in color and has a very distinctly fruity smell (with subtle hints of caramel). The first sip of this beer had accents of citrus, caramel, and the normal Alcoholic Belgian Beer taste I LOVE. This beer doesn't disappoint, it is one of my favorite abbey ales to-date, and I am awarding it 4/5 stars on the Belgian Beer scale. For those of you out there, that are not familiar with my beer rating scale, a VERY small amount of beers (Usually only one or two) can take the 5/5 stars, then usually a large portion will warrant 2 to 4 stars, based upon my opinion... and finally one or two beers (THAT I HATE) will warrant the 1/5 star rating.

So lets sum up, this is a dark Belgian Beer. Its light it has a wonderful flavor, with hints of citrus and caramel. The bottle is very affordable for its quality and quantity. If you like, try this beer with some chocolate, this will reset your palette and allow you to enjoy more of the flavor.

See you at the bar!

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