Saturday, December 25, 2010

21st Amendment Brewery - Back in Black

I personally try and stay away from beer in a can, but I fell prey to the marketing gimmicks of this brewing company, and I decided to go ahead and purchase a six pack of this beer. This beer had a nice horse drawn carriage on the front and reminded me of the headless horseman story, the art was very nice, so I should have known that the brewery didn't produce excellent beer, but to find the best thing out there, you have to try new things. Beer in cans is lighter, easier to cool, and doesn't transfer taste to the beer, but I am still not sold on the whole beer in a can thing yet. This beer I am giving 2/5 stars, it was dark, but not very flavorful. It was difficult to get a good poor out of the cans as well, but it was nice to put them in the fridge and have them cold in 20 minutes. This beer had a slight hint of coffee and chocolate, so here is the verdict... This beer was reasonable priced (about $8 for a six'er), so if you are looking to bring a beer to a friends house or a party (and you are looking for something that is decently priced, dark, and isn't very heavy to carry) try this beer out, its much better than Bud or Coors.

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