Sunday, May 1, 2011

Allagash - Four

Today I am going to try a dark beer from a brewing company located in here in the US, in Portland Maine. As I am partial to Belgian beers and Belgian-style beers, I decided that I would take a chance on this beer. I purchased this bottle at my local Whole Foods, for about $18... which is rather expensive for a non-import bottle of beer. This beer was produced with four different malts, four different hops, and four different types of yeast... hence the name "Four". The color of this brew is a sight to see, it is a nice dark red amber. Unfortunately the head didn't last thirty seconds, but it was a nice light white while it was there. This brew smells like the La Trappe, with small tones of fruit. The taste of this beer is more subtle than the La Trappe Quad. Very high alcohol content on this bottle though, 10% ABV, which is hidden quite well and not overbearing. I am going to give this beer 3.5/5 stars, as I am not entirely impressed and I think that the beer is not worth the steep price tag. The beer doesn't have a strange after taste and is surprisingly light for it's color, which scored it a few points on my scale. If you are curious, try it for yourself, but personally, I am recommending that you try a Belgian beer instead. The Belgian beer would probably be more flavorful and less expensive.

See you at the bar!

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