Sunday, April 10, 2011

Telegraph - Stock Porter

Hello Everyone and happy Sunday! As I still haven't decided which type of beer I will be focusing on for my Sunday afternoons, I will be posting which ever beer I decide to purchase and review. This week I will be reviewing a beer from a Santa Barbara brewing house called "Telegraph". I have seen this beer in my local Whole Foods and have wanted to pick it up, but have been busy sampling other beers. I thought this particular flavor would be a good juxtaposition to the Lambic that I reviewed last night. This beer has a nice dark amber color, but poured just like many other American beers pour... very lightly. As I have been drinking mostly Belgian beers over the last couple months, I forgot that I would need to pour a beer of this type vigorously to produce the desired head, so if you are sampling this beer, remember to pour away from the glass. At first sip, I tasted a small amount of what a standard porter tastes like, but was bombarded by a sour after taste. The second sip, the sour after taste was not as prominent, but still much more prominent than I would prefer. I am giving this beer 1.5/5 stars on the porter scale, but I will have to revisit this to see if the sour taste is the norm, or if I purchased a bad bottle. I honestly thought about pouring this beer out, it's that bad. This beer is somewhat pricey for a local beer as well, I purchased this for just under $9 at my local Whole Foods. So stay tuned for my next review to see if I would recommend giving this beer a sample or if I would stay clear.

See you at the bar!

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